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300 co-op securities worth 1000 euros each, five-year term at a 1,5% annual return.

Invest in culture to make CULTURA21 grow. A cooperative project that promotes culture and critical thought!

Co-op securities 55%

Invest in culture

CULTURA21 wants to take a step forward after nearly ten years of experience in the publishing field, promoting critical thought through Tigre de Paper Edicions, Fira Literal and Catarsi magazín. We would like to give continuity to the Edicions Bellaterra collections, a publishing house with over 45 years of history in the social sciences field.

Our professional background and experience give us the confidence to take on the main collections published by Edicions Bellaterra .

Bellaterra is an established publishing house with nearly 1.000 works published that has played an important role in the expansion of social sciences and critical thought: critical anthropology, decolonisation, queer theory, feminism and transfeminism, LGTBI, etc.

CULTURA21 wants to add this new project to the many others that it has already launched and have become a success. To be able to do that we have grown to a professional team of 8 people and a network of nearly 1000 cooperative members overall.




Our goal with

Edicions Bellaterra

In order to be able to acquire the existing works published by Edicions Bellaterra and to incorporate them to our project, we are issuing Co-op securities, putting into practice an alternative funding system that calls for greater social involvement to build a cultural project that promotes critical thought in a cooperative and transformative way.

CULTURA21 would like to call for any individuals and organizations that would like to collaborate and help us through the acquisition of co-op securities.


It will be based on the contributions of members, CULTURA21 and co-op securities.


A Co-op security is a loan that intends to raise the necessary funds in order to deveolope or expand a project.

Co-op securities
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Each Security is worth 1000€. Five year term:


Contributing 1000 you can choose between 1,5% annual return or a five-year subscription to Catarsi*.


Contributing 2000 to 5000€ can choose from 1.5% annual return or a five-year subscription to Catarsi and three books published by Tigre de Paper.


Contributions over 6000€ can benefit from all the mentioned options.

*Annual Subscription


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Acquire co-op securities

If you would like to acquire co-op securities, please fill up the form on the left. In case you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be in touch as soon as possible.

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Cultura 21

About us

Tigre de Paper, Literal and Catarsi (CULTURA21), is an associated work cooperative with eight years of solvency and experience, focused on cultural management and promotion from a proactive position. Our main focus has been to narrow the gap between the general public and the peripheric cultures in different areas and fields of expression. In this way, our individual experience working in different cultural sectors (publishing, music, events, journalism,…) enables us to develop multidisciplinary projects, with excellent results both technically and artistically.

Our project

Tigre de Papeis a publishing house founded in 2011 and currently with over 70 works published including essay and fiction.

Our work contributes to the development of critical thought, the weaving of collective identity and the enrichment of the Catalan literary scene. Our publishing house is the flagship of our cooperative, from which the rest of our initiatives have grown.

Literal is the Barcelona radical ideas and books fair, celebrated every spring since 2015. In its last edition it was attended by around 15.000 people.

In this way, Fira Literal has become a central event in the literary, intellectual and political scene in Barcelona, the Catalan Countries and internationally, attracting both professionals of the sector and the general public.

Catarsi is a magazine that emerged from the enthusiasm and interest of a diverse group of people for the creation of a new platform for critical thought contents in Catalan.

Fresh formats and a high attention to detail in the edition, illustration and contents to the service of a materialist perspective, vital to the comprehension and analysis of our times.

Tigre de Paper, Literal and Catarsi (CULTURA21), is an associated work cooperative with eight years of solvency and experience, focused on cultural management and promotion from a proactive position.

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